"Seeing the unseen

& speaking the unspoken"

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Welcome to Beyond The Obvious

Celebrating the joys of being a mum
Motherhood It’s a roller-coaster ride. A whirlwind. A mid summer night’s dream.
A re-birth. A rainbow. A bundle of promises, responsibilities, duties. A maze of sleepless nights, sacrifices and XXl clothes.
Motherhood makes women crib, complain, eat chocolate and cry. But ask any mum whether she’d barter it for anything in the world and you’ll get one hurt, definitive answer. A big fat “no”. - unknown

The greatest gift, the miracles of creation, the divine relation,MOTHER AND CHILD, is what BEYOND THE OBVIOUS is all about.
Acknowledging the gratification, cherishing the ability to be a part of the process of creation, understanding the inhibitions and looking into the physical and mental well- being of both the mother and child.

At beyond the obvious we believe that mother and child is that unbreakable pair which shapes the future of not just one family but many families and as a matter of fact the country as a whole. An undeniable fact being that today what we are and the way we behave is the result of where and how have we been born and bought up.
As mothers we tend to neglect ourselves as we adapt to a new baby without realizing the fact that a happy and healthy mommy means a happy and healthy child. It’s a simple initiative to make the relationship of the mother and child, as simple, as beautiful and as satisfying as nature meant it to be.
I do not say you are a bad cook but if a tool is given to you doesn't that make you more efficient, similarly I do not say that you are not a perfect parent but if we provide the means to ease everyday challenges does’nt that make you much more perfect. Sometime you just need to hear it.”.you are a beautiful mum doing a great job and you’re so loved”

What we offer you is a combination and blend of various CLASSES, WORKSHOPS AND PROGRAMS under expert guidance and advice, to get the best from the most gratifying relation of life and to create the bond which you always wanted to, along with discovering the unique potentials behind each child.