"Seeing the unseen

& speaking the unspoken"

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About Us

Beyond the obvious was started as an extension of my own desires and experiences. My own pregnancy, child birth, sudden realization of responsibilities and duties and a want for that "perfect" environment for My children. The quest to do more and give more along with a desire for “my space”, “my wants” and “my wishes” paved the path to creating a forum which would act as a resource centre to mothers who see the same and feel the same and most importantly want the same. – Saba (founder Director)

Our Vison :

A MORE BEAUTIFUL AND RESPONSIBLE TOMORROW as we envision a world where the children are welcomed and nurtured in the womb, in the family, in the community and beyond.

Our Belief :


Our Misson :

SEEING THE UNSEEN AND TALKING ABOUT THINGS LESS SPOKEN. a females life is not so obvious as what it seems, there are so many things which just go unnoticed, so many emotions which go unexpressed, even the most caring of the families sometimes fail to realize that there is more to us than what you see.

We look forward to doing some great work with

Individuals :

walk into the BEYOND THE OBVIOUS STUDIO or CENTRE. We would love to see you there or just give us a buzz and we’ll also arrange to visit you in your home.

Schools and Child Care Centres:

The schools do a wonderful job with children, yet there is a constant conflict between the school and the parents even when both are working towards the welfare of the child. Can we help you bridge this gap?? Yes we could, If we could sensitize mothers in accordance with the education system wouldn’t things become easier to handle and there would be unity in THOUGHT and ACTION. There are a lot many things which even if the schools want to, they are unable to do so for reasons obvious and not so obvious. We would love to help you in doing things which you wanted but couldn’t get it done and shoulder your responsibility to build a more responsible tomorrow.


We look forward to meeting children who are “really unwell” and those who are just so special and for the beautiful mothers and care givers who are taking care of them so well. A little fun, a little support, a little happiness is what we want to bring into their lives. and also MATERNITY WARDS – sensitizing and building awareness; providing help and consulatation beyond the hospital services.


It’s our way of learning some vital life-skills, It’s like visiting a place of worship before every important task.

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We got together with wonderfully wonderful people to create this forum.More than the qualification and professional skill, I love them for the person they are. They very well understand the anxiety and apprehension, and are an easy comfort to our worried minds because all you (want to) hear is, ” relax this happen, even we made mistakes, there’s a way out I’m sure.”